Brandon Navratil is a Cameraman, Filmmaker, Host, and Writer based in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

Our work fuses together natural history and inspirational energy in an array of pieces. Focuses include wildlife behavior, on-camera hosting, motivational, adventure, conservation, and cultural documentary storytelling.

Brandon has been pursuing his dreams of working in nature, capturing beautiful imagery, and making inspirational change since he was 7 years old. Realizing at this young age he wanted to work with wildlife, nature, culture, and create impact, he continually pursues this journey every day.

From filming wolves and bears in Yellowstone for National Geographic, to diving with blue whales in the Indian Ocean, his experiences have brought him around the world. Brandon began his career exploring the Yellowstone ecosystem and soon after took his journey abroad. He has degrees in Wildlife Biology, Fisheries Biology, and Environmental Science, which have paved the way for IWM's ultimate focus of natural history filmmaking.

IWM has worked in varying environments from the deserts of Australia, to the frigid winters of Yellowstone, and out to the open ocean. Brandon is a certified scuba and freediver, has extensive rope work experience, and excels in harsh working conditions.

IWM thrives on capturing nature’s beauty, developing seeds of inspiration, along with educating and motivating audiences. We can make a difference starting with one person, one animal, one experience, one action at a time.

Join us at IWM. And stay connected.