These issues may seem beyond the reach of a single person and leave you feeling who am I to create change? But in reality, we as humans have the power to make an impact and by starting small, we can create a difference. Here are ways you can create impact right now.

What you can do on a daily basis:

  • Eat less factory-farmed animals; like red meat

    • It is a leading cause in habitat destruction

  • Eat less fish

    • Many fish contain high levels of mercury and are toxic to humans

  • Reduce your single use items

    • Coffee cups, plastic bags, condiments, etc.

  • Reduce your plastic use and disposal

    • Plastic bags, coffee lids, disposable utensils, cups

  • Consider the carbon footprint of items purchased

  • Reduce use of items with palm oil

    • Palm oil plantations are a leading cause of habitat destruction, driving such species as orangutans, tigers, rhinos, and elephants to extinction

  • Consider your energy use

    • Turn off lights in rooms you're not in

    • Consider electric cars

    • How often are you watering the lawn or washing your car?

  • Implement energy efficient items in the home

    • Light bulbs, appliances


Things you can do on a broader scale:

  • Vote in politicians with resource, wildlife, and environmental issues in mind

  • Support regenerative agriculture

  • Be aware of what is happening

    • Open yourself to media about these issues

    • Being aware is the first step to change

  • Be involved on a local level

    • What your local politicians are supporting

    • What your local wildlife, public lands agencies are implementing or changing

    • Renewable resource development

    • Resource consumption, disposal; where does it go and how is it managed?

    • Any cool nature or wildlife to experience

  • Donate to a cause you care about

    • The rainforest is being cut down at an unprecedented rate

    • Iconic animals like elephants, whales, tigers, orangutans, sharks are being killed at unprecedented rates

    • What issues emotionally invoke you?

    • What organizations are working to help them that you can support?


You're now connected!