1. What inspired you to become a Naturopathic Doctor in women's health?

-From a very young age, I knew I wanted to be a Naturopathic Doctor. Fascinated by the human body and healing, I began taking every health and nutrition class I could get my hands on. After attending the University of Utah, I began my studies in Naturopathic Medicine with a passion for women's health and hormone wellness. 

I graduated as a Naturopathic Doctor in 2017 and immediately began my career working with women. While I initially kept my practice very broad as a Naturopath, I quickly narrowed down to women's cyclical health and hormones. This work has been so rewarding and I love helping women heal their irregular cycles and hormonal imbalances! 


2. Was it challenging for you to step into this role and what you feel is your purpose?

-Absolutely. I believe we fear our greatness far more than our inadequacies. While I knew I wanted to be a leader in women's health, a renowned speaker and a best selling author, there was also the fear of: what if it happens? What IF you go on to be these things? 


Learning how to step into my purpose has been a journey, but I firmly believe that oftentimes our callings find us long before we realize it. I can see now how I was being primed for years to be a speaker, leader and educator - I just didn't know it yet! 


3. You've built a large brand online as the menstruation expert. What is that like?

-You know, it's fun to have niched this much in my work because people certainly know me as the menstrual cycle expert! My Instagram is packed with daily free content and tools to regulate women's cycles, soothe hormone imbalances and support cervical health. 


It is always a fun experience when people ask me what I do for a living. I love helping people understand the importance of health and wellness in all its forms. 


4. What has been the most empowering moment in your career thus far as a Naturopathic Doctor and women's health leader?

-Seeing women reframe experiences that we have been taught are disempowering and shift them into their liberation has been so rewarding to witness. I've also loved teaching at over 54 retreats and hundreds of workshops and small events around the world. This year I'm eager to step onto more seminar stages and speak at TedX events. 


5. You have a great podcast for women. What do you normally teach about on the GoddessCeremony Podcast?

-All things related to women's health, empowerment and cyclical wellness. The podcast is a free resource space for all women to get the education they deserve but likely never got. We talk about it all - menstrual cycle health, cervical wellness, hormone balancing, empowerment and purpose. 


You can connect with me at and on Instagram @menstruationqueen 


I also accept a limited amount of clients to work privately. You can work with me at